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2019 rankings

1.  Hahn 370
2.  Albacete 268
3.  Lacko 261
4.  Halm
 5.  Lenz 192
6.  Kiss
7.  Reinert 146
8.  Kursim 138
9.  Rodrigues J.
10.  Anderson
11.  Janes 30
12.  Körber
13.  Janiec 26
14.  Recuenco 25
15.  Gibbon 14
16.  Brereton 10
17.  Citignola 10
18.  Robineau 4
19.  Kleinnagelvoort 2
20.   Rodrigues E. 1
21.  Rodrigues EJ. 1

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2020 ETRC

06-07/06: Slovakiaring
13-14/06: Hungaroring
17-19/07: Nürburgring
29-30/08: Most
12-13/09: Zolder
26-27/09: Jarama
03-04/10: Le Mans
14-15/11: Misano

2020 France

Postponed: Le Castellet
20-21/06: Nogaro
04-05/07: Magny-Cours
17-19/07: Nürburgring
05-06/09: Charade
26-27/09: Le Mans
17-18/10: Albi

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Le Castellet live timing Print E-mail

Le Castellet - Live timing and results



Red Bull Ring timetable Print E-mail

2016 FIA ETRC Red Bull Ring timetable

Timetable - Draft 7 - 30 March 2016 subject to FIA approval (

  Thursday, 28. April 2016    Friday, 29. April 2016
17:00  Administrative Check 120 mn 08:00 Administrative Check 120 mn
17:00  Scrutineering 120 mn 08:00 Scrutineering 120 mn
    09:30 Extrication Exercise 30 mn
    10:30 Warm up VIP + Pressrides 15 mn
    11:00 VIP + Pressrides part 1 60 mn
    13:00 VIP + Pressrides part 2 60 mn
    15:00 Free practice (Participants Pressrides only) 60 mn
    17:15 Free practice 1 20 mn
    18:30 Free practice 2 20 mn
    19:10 Driver's Briefing (Briefing room)
  Saturday, 30. April 2016   Sunday, 01. April 2016
09:30 Trucks warm up 15 mins 09:00 Trucks warm up 15 mins
10:45 Trucks qualifying 1 20 mins 10:00 Trucks qualifying 2 20 mins
11:10 Trucks Superpole 1 10 mins 10:25 Trucks Superpole 2 10 mins
13:00 Pre-Grid 13:00 Pre-Grid
13:05 Showprogramme (Grid) 13:05 Showprogramme (Grid)
13:20 FIA ETRC race 1 20 laps 13:20 FIA ETRC race 3 20 laps
16:10 Pre-Grid 15:35 Pre-Grid
16:15 Showprogramme (Grid) 15:40 Showprogramme (Grid)
16:30 FIA ETRC race 2 20 laps 15:55 FIA ETRC race 4 20 laps
LTR sponsor Print E-mail

A new sponsor for the Lion Truck Racing team in 2016

The giant Russian Gazprom joined Lion Truck Racing for the 2016 European Truck Racing Championship, via its subsidiary G-Energy.

The team will engage a truck driven by Anthony Janiec on the Championship, as well as a second vehicle in some races.
For this new season, the Team new trucks have been fully updated to the new FIA standards and technically redesigned in our workshops in Toulouse by our team under the responsibility of our engineer Pascal CALAS. The first tests were performed on the Nogaro circuit last week allowed us to realize promising performances on the Paul Armagnac circuit!


G - Energy and Gazpromneft therefore join Meritor, BFT Location, Nexus Truck, RAS acting and all partners of Lion Truck Racing for the 2016 season in the common goal of new victories.

The passion of the competition thus provided the approximation between the French team and the Russian tanker. G - Energy was the first brand to offer a range of 100% synthetic lubricants specially designed for competition vehicles. All oils are manufactured in the factory of Gazpromneft lubricants and approved by all the major manufacturers (MB, VW, BMW, Renault, GM, etc.)

Meet you in one week in Austria on the Red Bull Ring for the first European championship race and at le Castellet during the Week End of Pentecost for the first race of the Frenh Cup.

2016 Steffi Halm Print E-mail

Steffi Halm will race for Reinert again this season

Once again in 2016 Steffi Halm will race in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship - this time, indeed, as a full-season participant. Her participation directly doubles the proportion of women in European truck racing now that Ellen Lohr is going to continue driving for Truck Sport Bernau. Unfortunately, though, it’s going to be a long while yet till the German corporate target of 30 percent of women in positions of leadership is achieved in the FIA ETRC. Mind you, there’s not one female racer in the ne plus ultra of motorsport, as the uninitiated imagine Formula 1 to be. From this perspective at least, the truck racers are way ahead of the times.

In fairness, we must confess that it was far from clear at the outset that Steffi would be back this season. The racy young Swabian came to the sport in 2011 as part of Markus Bauer’s new tankpool24 Mercedes team. She later drove for the French Lion team, for whom she picked up the Coupe de France Camions, becoming the first woman to do so. Last year she returned to a German truck racing team, the one owned by René Reinert, for what was originally intended to be only a cameo during the Truck Grand Prix on the Nürburgring. Reinert, owner of the large eponymous logistics firm, had just come up with his “Women Behind The Wheel” campaign to enthuse women about careers as truckers, and was looking for a suitable face. Steffi, of course, was the ideal choice, and she didn’t need much persuading.
 The response she eventually generated, not least through her outstanding successes – three podiums and the first race win ever by a woman in the ETRC at the Hungaroring – made such an impact that they had to let her keep on truckin’ till the end of the season.

But her prospects in the new year didn’t look quite as promising.
Various teams had reached the ends of their sponsorship contracts. But the overall pie was now smaller, and those clamouring for a piece of it more numerous. Potential sponsors were also being offered options in different motorsport series and, indeed, in other sports altogether, so that for many truck race teams it was a long period of suspense (for some the suspense continues) trying to figure out how, if at all, they would race this season.
And when the MAN she drove last season was sold to a team in the British championship, Steffi’s prospects seemed even more remote. That truck, like so many others, had originated in the Hahn workshops in Altensteig. Over the winter break Jochen Hahn and his merry men were primarily focused on building his own new truck, which was shown in brand new livery at the toy exhibition in Nuremberg in February. Reinert’s truck also was in dire need of an overhaul, but when they turned their attention to it they also began work in parallel on a third race truck, under the premise that a show truck would always come in handy.
Now that show truck is being turned into a fully raceworthy competition machine, albeit one that has had a difficult birth. That’s because even René Reinert wasn’t 100 per cent sure he’d be able to race a complete season this year. His company, which owns almost 800 trucks and employs more than 1,100, wants its boss around more, what with competition in the logistics industry getting hotter by the hour. At the same time, truck racing remains an important marketing platform for Reinert Logistic.

In the end, it was up to Jochen Hahn to exercise all the psychological abilities God gifted to Swabians, with the happy result that not only will Reinert race full-season (of course, if you’ve contracted the truck racing virus…we all know the rest), but also Steffi.
 There’s the possibility, though, that the latter might not be race-ready in time for the season-opener in Spielberg.

Copyright: A. & W Bartscher

Ryan Smith - OXXO Print E-mail

New driver in the OXXO Race truck

A new driver is sitting in the OXXO Race truck in 2016. The British driver Ryan Smith is racing with the team in the British Championship. Norbert Kiss, the previous driver of the team will be racing for another team for the 2016 season in the ETRC after successfully winning the European Championship two times in a row.

With the new driver the main goal for the team is to win the British Championship. The team feels an obligation to participate in the ETRC as well and they work hard to make it happen. It is a very difficult situation since there is only a few weeks to the European season to start.
The British Championship starts this weekend where it turns out how the team performs in the different series.

Copyright: TRO

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